Does the the ClassCreator web site have a help page?

Yes.  Go here;  ClassCreator FAQ’s.

Is my information safe on this site?

The ClassCreator site is password protected at two levels.  First, you need the general password to even access the site. Next, to enter or change your information, you must create a personal password known only to you.  The site Administrator has entered names from Homer High yearbooks, but any additional information is entered only by you, or by the Administrator after obtaining permission from you.

Can I change my mind and remove information from the site?

Yes.  We ask that you not remove your name so that the class list remains intact.

Why do some classmates have no information?

There are two possible reasons. They have not been “found” by the administrator or registered on the sight themselves, or they do not want any of their information shown.  Classmates who have not been found can be seen by clicking on Missing Classmates.  In certain cases, the site administrator may have access to information that was collected, but not entered on the site at the request of the classmate.  Contact the site administrator or Carl Nelson for help.

Why don’t the classmate email address show?  I want to contact a friend via email.

For maximum security, and protection against spam, ClassCreator does not show email addresses.  Instead, you click on the person’s name under Classmate Profiles, and at the bottom of the Profile page, there is a box for sending an email to that person through the secure ClassCreator system.  The recipient will receive an email from ClassCreator telling them to go to the site and get your message. After the person retrieves the email from the ClassCreator site, the two of you can exchange actual email addresses.

How do I email everyone on the site?

Only the Administrator can do that.  Contact the Administrator and include the email you want sent out.  It will go out to all classmates with email addresses, including those who have not registered.

How will I know when a classmate has changed their contact information?

You can go to the web site and click on all the classmates you want to keep track of.  At the bottom of their profile is a checkbox to notify you when information has changed.  Only registered classmates will have this checkbox available.  The Home Page also shows which classmates have recent updates.

Why can’t I see classmates telephone numbers and street addresses?

If you log on as a New User, using no email and just  mariners as the password, you can navigate to any other year without re-entering a password, but you cannot see telephone numbers and street addresses.

If you log in as a Returning User (You can only do this on your own year), you can't go to other years without first logging on as a New User using simply mariners, but from then on you can go to other years with the no telephone number or street address restriction.

To solve the telephone number/address problem, I created a fake student for each year, named “Site Address”.  The email address for this student is, and the password is mariners.  So if you log in using this email and password, you can see telephone numbers and street addresses.  Unfortunately, you must log in separately for each year you want to see this detailed information.

Sooooo, for general cruising around, just log in as a New User.  When you are on a year where you want to see more detailed information, click on Home Page, and log in with the fake ID.  To change your personal information, log in to your grad year with your own email and password.

Sorry for all this security headache, but I'm at the mercy of  They are in the process of creating a multi-year alumni system, where all years for a single school can be lumped together on one site, and these problems will go away.  Until then, we have to play the little game.

I made changes to my information, but when I checked the site, the changes had not happened.  Why?

If you forget to click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page, they will not be uploaded to the site.

How do I upload pictures?

Have the photo stored on your computer as a file.  Then log in to the site, and click on Edit/Upload Photos, then click Upload New Photo.  Click on Choose File, and navigate to the photo on your computer and select it.  Be sure to click Save Changes.  Uploading may take some time if the picture file size on your computer is large.  Don’t worry about sizing the picture, the site will do that automatically.

A classmate has died.  How do I add him/her to the In Memory section?

Only the site administrator can do that.  Click on the In Memory link, then clink the link at the bottom of the page where it says “If you are aware.......”

How do I set up a reunion.

Only the Site Administrator can set up reunions, but he can give you temporary administrator access for that purpose.  Go to the FAQ section on,  ClassCreator FAQ’s, and select Questions about Planning Your Reunion to see the basic procedure.

How do I become an Assistant Administrator for my year, and what will I have to do?

Contact the main site administrator.  You will be given Administrator privileges for your year.  The main job of the assistant is to find missing classmates and upload contact information for classmates who do not have internet access.  Please understand that absolutely no information except name and grad photo (from the yearbook) is to be uploaded to the site without express permission from the student.