Guide to Navigating the ClassCreator Sites for Individual Years

  1. 1.When you click on the year links, you will be taken to a log-in page where you can log in as a New User using the general password, or as a Returning User using your email address & personal password.  If you log in as a New User, you must register before you can make changes to your information or send emails to other classmates. Register by clicking on your name on the Profiles page.  Classmates with known  email addresses have been pre-registered with their email address, and the general password.  You can change your personal password once you have logged into the site.

  2. 2.  For now, you cannot see student telephone numbers and street addresses for years other than your grad year unless you sign in on the specific year as a returning user using the fake email and password  marinersThe student named “Site Access” was created to allow you to sign in as a Registered User on any year.  This will not be an issue in the near future when completes their Alumni system where many years can be grouped on the same site. 

  3. 3.Please remember to click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page whenever you change your information, or the changes will not be saved.

  4. 4. You can expand the Profile text  boxes to make reading easier for long entries.

  5. 5. The Contact Details checkbox on the Classmate Profiles page is checked by the Administrator.  If you want the administrator to have your address & telephone number, but not classmates, uncheck this box.

  6. 6.  Each year has a special classmate entered as “Teachers”.  Clicking on this entry will display a list of teachers for that year, as well as photographs.

  7. 7.  The Home Page shows classmates by state, and when their information was last updated.  You can also enter the email address of a missing classmate and an automatic invitation to join the site will be sent.

  8. 8.  The Other Years link on each site brings up a page with links where you can navigate to any other year without having to reenter your general password, but see #2 above.

  9. 9.  To see a list of classmates who have not been found, click on Missing Classmates.

  10. 10.  The In Memory link brings up a list of classmates who have died.  This list may not be very current as it depends on classmates notifying the site administrator.  Only the administrator can make changes to the In Memory section.

  11. 11.  The ClassCreator sites are set up to give you lots of help with reunions.  This must be done through the site administrator, or you can request that the administrator give you admin authority to set up a reunion.

  12. 12.  In some cases, classmates have asked that no information be shown, but the site administrator may have personal knowledge of how to contact this person.  In these cases, the administrator may be able to let the classmate know you are trying to contact them.

  13. 13. If you would like a hard copy of classmate contact information for an entire year, contact the site administrator, who can download the information and email it to you.