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From this page you can go directly to any year at Homer high!

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    These sites were created by Carl Nelson (class of ’63), who has administrator access to all years.  The goal is to assign one additional administrator to each year, who will help with finding classmates and entering data for those who do not have web access.  If you would like to volunteer as an administrator for your year, please contact Carl at, or (907) 336-1400.

Important Notes on Registering at the ClassCreator Sites

When you go to your year, and click on your name for the first time, you will be asked to register.  The registration process replaces all your contact information, if any exists on the site, so be sure to fill in all boxes you wish to contain information on the site.  You may leave any box empty, but that will limit the ability of classmates to contact you.  Classmates with email addresses are pre-registered with their email address and the general password.  This was done so that they could be contacted by email even if they had not registered yet. 

Contacting Classmates via Email

For security reasons, ClassCreator does not show email addresses.  Instead you click on “ Send a Message to”. The recipient receives a link to the web site to retrieve the actual message.  Unlike most high school sites, the entire Homer High site is password protected, so there is no risk of  your email getting onto spam lists.

Click here for a guide to navigating the individual years at ClassCreator.

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